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The founder of Deep Sym, Kira Zhigalina, is an award-winning multimedia artist based in London. Initially a video artist graduated from Central Saint Martins, Kira became interested in incorporating technology to create immersive and emotionally connecting experiences for the audiences. This manifested in installations created for the likes of Secret Cinema and Vivienne Westwood, commissions for UK Light Festivals and music festivals such as Wilderness and Latitude, and features in art exhibitions in venues like National Gallery X and The Tanks, Tate Modern.


Sym is an offspring of Symbiosis - an immersive biofeedback art installation created by Kira in collaboration with engineer Adrian Godwin. Using custom developed sensors, diaphragmatic breathing is visualised in light, expressed in different structural compositions. Originated in 2014, the experience has been shared with over 5k participants, in various contexts including and not limited to European Burning Mans and UK Light Festivals, creating a calming and relaxing space to connect to breath, oneself, and others.

The initial pivotal point in our journey was when a gastroenterologist was sparked by interest to use our technology in aiding IBS patients with relieving their symptoms. This cross discipline concept resulted in winning Best Pitch Award in the MedTech Superconnector hackathon, which led to the development of the first prototype. Currently we are on Central Research Laboratory Accelerator finalising designs for manufacture, aiming to launch our first product early next year. We have tested the product to positive results with IBS patients and within physiotherapy and psychotherapy practices and always interested in other partnerships and research. 

Sym is all about symbiotic relationships and we are keen to create a community which fuels collaborations with like minded projects and individuals, focused around art and wellbeing. Most recently, we collaborated with Syntropy App

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