An interactive light for mindful relaxation.

SYM is a beautiful art object that responds to your deep breathing and naturally reduces stress and anxiety. It is created for everyone who is looking for tools to tune in rather than tune out.


"I was anxious at first but then I started gradually feeling more at ease. Afterwards, I felt uplifted."

"A very relaxed state of mind, seeing your breathing in an external device helps to get you focused on breathing"

Iris, after using SYM

Natasha, after using SYM



Belly breathing is what we do as babies, as we grow up we begin to hold tension and engage in chest breathing which activates sympathetic nervous system - related to stress and anxiety. SYM brings attention to breathing from the belly using the diaphragm, which uses the utmost lung capacity and has multiple health benefits including relieving anxiety and stress.


Conscious breathing engages the cerebral cortex stimulating evolved areas of the brain. Engaging in basic pranayama breathing - deep smooth inhale and exhale creates a calm and expanded state of mind. Breathing practices are part of ancient wisdom traditions, and are a tool to altered states of mind.


We are often overwhelmed by the lack of real connections in the age of the social media and overstimulation. SYM offers a space to reconnect to oneself, to one’s breath and to tune in rather than tune out. Breathing with multiple users will create another form of communication, beyond language and inhibitions.

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Deep diaphragm breathing has multiple benefits:

  • rebalances the autonomic nervous system 

  • reduces heart rate

  • stimulates parasympathetic nervous system inducing calm 

  • helps the release of endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine

  • aids digestive system and blood circulation

  • promotes better blood flow which uplifts the energy levels




A designer lamp with soothing colour palette, responding to your breathing. Wirelessly connected to the cushion and your phone.


Breathing sensors embedded into the textiles to measure the movement of your diaphragm. Ideally to be put behind your lower back while seated upright, but can be used when lying. You can cuddle it too.


To control the lighting modes, connect to the meditation app of your choice, record your breathing patterns and help you improve

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